Core Satelite Strategy

Responsive, dynamic portfolio structure and investment process, free of human emotion

The H&A Core-Satellite Portfolio 

Capture the best of both worlds


Solid equity-based growth with a reduced risk profile.



Its purpose is to achieve high capital gain potential among a select group of ETF’s that are expected to grow at a rate faster in relation to the overall stock market, while offsetting the higher risk profile with a fixed-income component.


Core/Satellite vs Vanguard Balance

1/2013 – 1/2020 (back tested performance)

*Returns net after fees (2.1%). Illustrated returns are back tested and are not guarantees as to future performance.

The Core maintains a static 50% equities/50% bonds allocation. The Satellite utilizes top 6 sectors in equal 5% weighting with monthly sector rebalancing.

Adaptive Asset Allocation Strategy

Designed to follow the trends of the markets to mitigate risk exposure

Target Sector Strategy

Targeting high growth sectors of the market to provide high capital appreciation potential

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