Learn How to Protect Investments from Stock Market power outages

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Do You Have a Backup Generator for Your Investments?

If you reside in California you fully understand the inconvenient and detrimental effects of a power outage. Those didn't have a backup generator on hand experienced several hundred dollars in food losses in the best case scenario, but the worst cases are businesses that are losing millions of dollars each day they are without power.

Are you aware of how exposed your portfolio and investments are to a dangerous market power outage—aka market crash?

You have probably been told by your advisor that you have a balanced portfolio with a properly weighted allocation. Over 95% of financial and investment advisors are following the traditional asset allocation theories of old. What you probably are also not aware of is that most of your money is likely perfectly balanced on a 1,000 foot tower without a guardrail and not an inch to spare in any direction—scary.

I'm here to tell you there IS a better way.

Don't let history repeat itself and find yourself caught in another stock market power outage before you think it's a good idea have a financial inspection to see if you have a backup generator (that also works).

Instead of having to locking yourself into an annuity or resorting to lethargic yielding bonds, we leverage a revolutionary tactical model that will act as a backup generator when it comes to volatility. It has an uncanny ability to avoid treacherous market strikes while still not sacrificing higher than average returns.

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Mark Hansen, CFP, ChFC is an award winning financial advisor who will explain in more detail how this tactical model is far superior in eliminating risk than traditional buy and hold investment strategies.

Also, feel free to go ahead and book a complementary review session to ask more questions on how this revolutionary strategy could play a part in your overall financial game plan.

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