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Value-Added Services for RIA’s, CPA’s, Insurance Agents and Other Professionals

Within their fiduciary responsibility, RIA’s often rely, in part, on current market environments and changing conditions to drive portfolio considerations and decisions. Based on extensive ‘back-testing, and by combining two different tactical approaches (momentum and risk parity) into one algorithm, we believe our proprietary, Tactical Asset Allocation system offers RIA’s a better way …via our Alliance Program.

Insurance agents, CPA’s, Financial Planners and other professionals have clients who could benefit from advanced asset management, but often lack the necessary licensing to offer such services. Our Alliance Program provides the opportunity to expand your business by offering a value-added, asset management program to your clients without the requirement of a license or hiring additional licensed staff. Our experienced professionals provide the day-to-day asset management on your behalf.

At Hansen and Associates Financial, we provide a unique and versatile, proprietary Asset Management strategy that has been proven to respond more accurately to market conditions, simultaneously maximizing returns while minimizing risk, regardless the direction of the market. 

Our tactical portfolios are designed to maximize growth in all market cycles and to minimize market risk in poor performing markets. 

Want to learn more about our philosophy, our asset management tools, and how you can expand your business through our Alliance Program? Let's Talk.

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