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These pages are an archive of  Financial Article posts from Hansen & Associates Financial Group, Inc. The Financial Articles bring you introductions to a variety of highly focused subjects along with sources and citations that make it easy for you to explore the subject further.

Underperforming Value Stocks

Julie Segal compares the Contrarian Investor or market manager with those who view value stocks management as more of a cyclical dance? She takes Andrew Dyson’s (CEO of quant manager QMA) questions about cycles and does a deeper dive into historical behavior and where...

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Could the Stock Market Crash of 1929 Repeat Itself?

Simon Black reviews three insights into the 1929 crash in his piece, Three things you didn’t know about the crash of 1929. Is the stock market really worth it? Can the feds print enough money monthly to keep it afloat? Take a deeper dive into Simon’s thoughts...

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Judging the Global Economy By Swiss Watch Time

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge examines an unusual set of data points for economic comparison — high end Swiss Watch exports — and finds an interesting correlation to the health of the global economy: Year-to-date data is a mirror of other economic indicators: the US is...

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Stock BuyBacks Slow As Market Reflects Possible Recession

According to Matt Philip's piece in the Times (, the last time CEO's confidence was this low was during the 2009 recession when the country was still shedding 800,000 jobs a month. CFO's...

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Tracking Possible Recession Via Home Prices

Are we on track for a 2020 recession? According to Benn Steil, director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, all indications are in the affirmative. “When income fails to keep pace with home prices, the latter must fall back,” the post said....

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